Broken Cisterns

Studying Nehemiah this past year with my church was breaking new ground for me. I honestly didn’t know how it ended. I avoided reading summaries to avoid spoilers and was carried along in the suspense. I kind of expected the book to conclude with the wall built and the choirs singing. Turns out, the wrap-up in the last few chapters is more of a sobering wakeup call for my own pattern of turning to “broken cisterns” instead of God.

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Ponder Anew

“God, if you would work out these details, I could better serve You.”

Do you hear that? Basically, I’m saying, “Since I know how I can best honor You, please arrange the season, skills, time and opportunities so I can accomplish A, B, and C for your Kingdom because that is the best way I can do that. Surely You want to free me up to do all these THINGS for You.”  Continue reading “Ponder Anew”