The Gospel Unfolds Courage

I used to think of the gospel as sort of a one-and-done invitation you need the day you get saved, and then you dust it off when doing summer ministry or handing out tracts at the park.

Now I’m more and more convinced, through studying the Bible and hearing solid teaching, that rehearsing the gospel is necessary for my growth in Christ-likeness. The gospel is for every day. If you’re not sure about this, crack open your Bible and ponder the themes before you. Notice the attributes of God, the threads of redemption, and our calling clearly displayed. Truly dazzling!

When we consider the different angles of God’s redemption story, we are compelled in love to serve him in gratitude. This thought is from one of my favorite verses: “For the love of Christ controls us, having concluded this, that one died for all, therefore all died.” (2 Corinthians 5:14)

Knowing Christ as our Savior changes everything!

It even changes fear

If you can remember before you were saved, you can probably remember a time of insecurity. What will happen after I die? Am I good enough? Milton Vincent (in his book A Gospel Primer) wrote, “The gospel gives me boldness first by banishing my greatest fear, the fear of God’s eternal wrath.”

*Bursts into song*

Blessed assurance, Jesus is mine! O what a foretaste of glory divine! Heir of salvation, purchase of God. Born of His Spirit, washed in His blood. This is my story, this is my song, Praising my Savior all the day long. –Blessed Assurance, Fanny Crosby

In addition to the fear of eternity without God many of us have before we are saved, this groaning creation gives us plenty else to keep us up at a night.

I’ve worried: What do people think of me? What if I have a car accident? What’s this strange pain in my side? What will I do with my life after college? Our lists run on.

Meditating/thinking on the gospel helps put our fears in perspective, even the fear of man. When we understand all the spiritual blessings we have in Christ (see Eph 1), we can say, “What have I to dread?”

Here’s a manifest to consider:

“Preaching the gospel to myself each day nourishes within me a holy brazenness to believe what God says, enjoy what He offers, and do what He commands … I don’t deserve the staggering privilege of intimacy with God, nor any other blessing that Christ has purchased for me with His blood. I don’t even deserve to be useful to God. But by the grace of God I am what I am and I have what I have, and I hereby resolve not to let any portion of God’s grace prove vain in me! … This is my manifest, my daily resolve; and may God be glorified by this confidence that I place in Him.”

Milton Vincent, A Gospel Primer

The Gospel Unfolds Courage

(In 50 Words)

Recently I sent out an invitation to writers, asking for submissions that portray how the gospel unfolds courage. The cap was 50 words! I hope these paragraphs I chose to share with you will be an encouragement.

From Madelyn Canada

On Calvary, Christ’s work was finished, my eternal pardon granted, once scarlet gowns washed whiter than snow. The Holy Judge became my loving Father; the all-wise Creator, my steadfast Keeper. Though fears still taunt and sorrows sweep, I am held fast in the Shepherd’s tender arms, and there, I am safe.

From Jodie Cooper

Fear God alone, beholding his glory. See the Son of Man, bowing low, washing feet, touching the untouchable. See the Son of Man lifted high, bleeding, anguished, separated. For me. Death is defeated. I run into the arms of my Father, my soul at peace. What is left to fear?

From Jennifer Kinard

When work seems scarce and debts mount, three simple words bring freedom from fear: “Paid in Full.” The heart of the Gospel. What I owe has been forever paid; what I deserve has been forever forgiven. Earthly trials may burden but cannot overwhelm, for the King Himself has redeemed me.

From Jenn Strobl

No longer bound by the chains of this world, I am set free. The darkness that once overcame me was shattered with the light of Jesus. His blood: my hope. His death: my destiny. I can finally breathe. A love that defeats all fear and shame and says, “You are free.”

From Celia A. Miller

Thunder deafens as I run and hide. Fear overtakes where peace resided; my soul cries out. Bravery laced with broken beauty made whole in the presence of King Jesus whispers, do not fear, for I have redeemed you, I have called you by name… you are mine. From darkness, Light leaks courage.

From Meghan DeWalt

Come out of hiding, you have already been set free. Free to walk along paths of righteousness—because it’s the Son’s, not your own. Remember, you’re no longer a slave to fear—but a beloved child, seen and known. Nothing can separate us because of my love—so let’s walk together.

Let’s walk together with “holy brazenness” in our Lord, who is full of grace and delights. If you have trusted in Christ as your Savior, know there is nothing left to fear because our eternal future is secure.

Would you define how the gospel brings courage in 50 words? I’d love to read your words! And if you don’t have a relationship with God, but you’re seeing your need for Him, you’re welcome to reach out to me via the contact page, and I’d love to talk more with you.

PC: First – Casey Horner, Second -Adrian

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  1. What a great idea to reach out to other bloggers! And what an understanding of the gospel you have–way ahead of my understanding at your age. Keep writing!

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