Lavender Lattes // Plot Twist Tuesday

This poem for spring fever debuts Plot Twist Tuesdays. Tuesday is my least favorite day of the week so this is an attempt to cheer them up, and plot twists are sporadic and unexpected, right? So it will be with Plot Twist Tuesdays — a random Tuesday where I post book reviews and recommends, share creative work, or talk about the art of writing.

Lavender Lattes by Abigail Rehmert

Ever since I tasted the lavender latte chosen from the menu,

My fascination for them senselessly grows and continues,

Since that morning downtown with my friend, chatting over coffee, 

I’ve craved and wondered about my new lavender-sipping hobby.  

Most say that the beverage is beyond imagination’s scope,

And declare it faintly reminds them of fragrant hand soap,

I shake my head, roll my eyes, sighing dreamily,

Wishing I had a sip of the froth steamed creamily, 

Because this latte reminds me of my love’s first sunny date,

Of my sister’s summer wedding and feeling I bloomed late, 

My grandmom’s love and preservation of sweet dried flowers,

And her sachets of purple petals I pressed to my face for hours. 

Can you sip and revisit a memory through coffee?

Making you feel free and peaceful or melancholy?

Why am I so obsessed with this warm, flowery refreshment?

Perhaps its garden vibes fuel my spring fever investment.

There is only one wondrous way I can explain,

Some creature comforts just call a girl’s name,

It’s not just the alliteration and flavors implanted,

It’s the joys of creation we can’t take for granted.

Let’s enjoy whatever our mugs may hold, showing,

We may taste and see His goodness overflowing,

To conclude, the Pollyanna heart ardently loves lavender,

But I think the flavor rose mocha would also gladden her.

Photos by Nazym Jumadilova

Thanks for reading! Please free free to share what you think of my poem, your favorite latte flavor, or how you manage spring fever. Happy March.

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