Broken Cisterns

Studying Nehemiah this past year with my church was breaking new ground for me. I honestly didn’t know how it ended. I avoided reading summaries to avoid spoilers and was carried along in the suspense. I kind of expected the book to conclude with the wall built and the choirs singing. Turns out, the wrap-up in the last few chapters is more of a sobering wakeup call for my own pattern of turning to “broken cisterns” instead of God.

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Ponder Anew

“God, if you would work out these details, I could better serve You.”

Do you hear that? Basically, I’m saying, “Since I know how I can best honor You, please arrange the season, skills, time and opportunities so I can accomplish A, B, and C for your Kingdom because that is the best way I can do that. Surely You want to free me up to do all these THINGS for You.”  Continue reading “Ponder Anew”

Notes on Resurrection Weekend

Easter weekend isn’t over yet and I already feel overflowing with thanks. The last few days involved much-needed lingering. Lingering over the Word on a pile of pillows, coffee in the sunshine, conversations in the kitchen, music and housework, calling people whose voices I miss, and learning about Passover traditions. Even the less Eastery things like wait-time at the DMV office, more waiting in a parking lot, and an extra block of driving because of construction all have given me plenty of time to ponder.

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