The 6-Mile Move

This post will be as eclectic as some of my moving boxes, which let me assure you, are filled with many miscellaneous items you can’t throw away. I mean, you can’t just toss unused matches in the trash. Or college notes, or socks, even if you don’t know where the other pair is.

IMG_20180513_200737044Thoughts from Moving 6 Miles

  1. “Marks and blemishes.” Have you ever scrubbed an unknown stain off a wall…while listening to your phone read Leviticus out loud? It makes you rethink how much work it is to cleanse something. My heart, like this house, is in need of this detailed, thorough cleansing because God wants purity, holiness, sanctification, set-apartness.
  2. “Moving is so hard.” –an 8 yo. She was so right. But it’s not hard like fleeing your home, because your Congolese village was burned because of violence. Thousands of internally displaced people, some with machete wounds, are worried about obtaining food and a blue tarp to keep off the rain. Perspective.
  3. “This is all we know.” Our neighbors showed me a vivid picture of what it’s like to have ONLY one’s earthly possessions. Earthly possessions and the fear of losing their value. We have so much more than this and it changes everything.
  4. “We’re in this together.” When I get home from work, my little sister will climb into my lap while I’m still in my car to give me a greeting hug. My brother will stop on his bike and ask, “Did anything funny happen today?” We’re moving together! What a blessing! We have the gift of laughing through this transition because it can be hilarious and there’s no heartache or separation involved…unless you count separation from a Goodwill stack. The wit will come out when you’re sleep deprived and faced with items you’re not sure how you own. “Take it to the burn pile—I never want to see it again.” “But you can’t get rid of that teacup!” “You have so much stuff.” “I can’t wait to unpack this so I can make the decision to get rid of more of it.” “This is the last time we’ll all be together in this house” (said about 70 times).
  5. “I can’t wait until life returns to normal.” You know, when I can schedule things again and I know where my calendar even is. Then I remembered it’s the here and now where God wants us to glorify Him. Life will never be without something…something big…to work around and work through. Might as well just embrace each day. This is life. Who you are when you’re tired and stressed is who you are. Did I just say that?! Convicting.
  6. “Between storms.” Taking a pause from the packing, two of my sisters and I found our favorite spot in the back corner of the property we would be saying goodbye to the following day. The setting sun made the rocks warm, the grass spIMG_20180513_200607453_HDRarkle with the former rain, and our hearts thankful for all the ways God had provided and used this place. We reminisced. Turning back toward the house, a thunderhead moved to meet the sunset along with a dramatic breeze. A double rainbow arched above our house. It began to rain, washing the cotton and mint smell away, but leaving the promises we hold.

This wasn’t the first time I moved and it won’t be the last. I hope I become a more organized person in the meantime (keeping track of my socks) and will see the beauty of the next transition I make, be it 6 miles away, 6 states away or away to my eternal home.

PS. I love our new place!

2 thoughts on “The 6-Mile Move

  1. Been there–enjoy the journey. It is a good experience to see all of one’s possessions in the light of day and make some decisions about the value and futility of many things. “This World is Not my Home, I am just a-passing through..” My favorite song for moving day.

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