The Traveling Wedding Basket

My summer teemed with tulle, roses, rehearsals and silver sandals. I had the honor of serving as a bridesmaid four times (in addition to being a bride) in the span of two months.

Several weeks before the first wedding in June, I was tasked with building a wedding day emergency kit containing anything we, the bridal party, might need.

I began assembling what later was lovingly nicknamed the comfort-care basket. As the concept of the basket stood the test of the demands of multiple ladies in the bridal suite, I fine-tuned it after each big event went down in the books. By the end, I had memorized its contents, administering life-saving items to the photographer and the florist, even.

Idea: If you’re an upcoming bridesmaid, you could check with the coordinator, and volunteer to gift this to the bride-to-be!

Here are the top ten popular items in my traveling wedding basket:

1. Mints. A huge hit at each wedding. You’re snacking throughout the day, but you hate to get your toothbrush and toothpaste out very often when you’re wearing a formal.

2. Ibuprofen. Someone just might need a little relief for various reasons! If you have any bridesmaids who are pregnant, be sure and grab Tylenol, too.

3. Tissues. You know there will be a tear or two after the last prayer before the big moment. And just in case it’s more than two tears, pack a lot of tissues.

4. Fashion tape and safety pins. You know the beautiful infinity dresses? It’s crucial to have a few fashion aids to keep them secure. A little sewing kit doesn’t hurt either. I personally used all of the above!

5. Permanent marker and fun stickers. It’s helpful to mark your water bottles or dress tags with your initials, or you can use fun wedding-themed stickers. My little sister (flower maiden) loved this and kept tabs on all our water bottles.

6. Chocolate. Need I say more?

7. Nail polish remover and makeup wipes. If you’re last minute about the nails, you  might need to remove old polish or clean up a missed dab. Coconut oil is a little dangerous to have around a wedding gown, so makeup wipes are a quick fix for mascara smudges.

8. Stain remover wipes. I threw those in there without much faith, but they actually saved the day twice. Once for a honeymoon getaway dress, and second for a grass stain on the flower girl’s dress. I bought the Shout brand.

9. Scissors. Cut those pesky tags off the dresses!

10. Ring polish. The bride might want to shine up her ring before close-ups.

Other ideas: lint roller, band-aids, lotion, chap-stick, feminine products, cotton balls, tweezers, bobby pins, extra hairspray, and Q-tips.

The comfort-care basket was simple, outlined with tulle and overflowing with helpfulness  and little jars full of cotton balls and such. With all the hundreds of getting-ready shots, I couldn’t track down a picture (it barely made the corner of the header photo above).

But that’s just the point. Its job was behind-the-scenes, making little problems invisible.

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