Our Apartment Apprehension

Throughout our engagement, we searched for a house. A charming, stand-alone house to rent. We thought a house would be safer and more beautiful than an apartment.

An apartment was last on our list of options to tour. Perhaps because some of the stories we’ve heard made us apprehensive about them. Stories of neighbors’ all-night parties right above you. Neighbors calling the police because your Bible study is too loud. Visions of mazes of hallways and elevators. No space. No yard. No parking for guests. No privacy.

It didn’t sound like material for our first home sweet home together.

The summer months brought a tough market and nothing house-shaped seemed to fit both our preferences and price range. We were running out of time.

Eventually–mere weeks away from our wedding–we warmed up to the idea of an apartment. Mostly because that’s what God provided. We signed the papers.

The Rehmert home is humble, and you could even say cookie cutter in structure, but it’s our biggest tangible blessing. Nearly every day we glance around and say, “This is perfect for us.”

Our ever-changing living room
The dining room (and entrance to the laundry room closet, too!)
  1. The study (and pull-out-couch guest room) 2. Seminary library 3. Our little kitchen
The view out our back porch

We can now add a few of our own “apartment stories” to the world, but overwhelmingly we’re simply thankful. It’s easy to focus on the negative plot twists . . . you don’t always get what you want, which might warrant confusion, complaining and comparing. We could still choose to be apprehensive about our apartment life or whatever else derails our original plans.

But how can we?

God’s goodness is evident everywhere we look. Our cups overflow. He didn’t even spare His own Son on our behalf (Romans 8:32).

“For our heart is glad in him,
    because we trust in his holy name.
Let your steadfast love, O Lord, be upon us,
    even as we hope in you.”

Psalm 33:21-22

Happy Thanksgiving…from our home to yours!

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