In the Year 2017

As I flipped through my phone photos, I’m in awe of all that happened in just ONE year!

=The Places=

Some of the best 2017 memories took place in Chicago, Nampa, Salmon, and Louisville. I’m thankful I explored these four places with souls that are as intrigued by them as I now am.

=The People=

This year I deepened old and new friendships with young and old, related and not, pictured and not pictured. I don’t think I’ll ever stop learning how beautiful it is to do life together with I Corinthians 13 love. What a worthy investment. I just want to say thank you to some amazing saints. You called, you texted, you showed up at my house, you cried with me, you pointed me to Scripture, you visted me at work and worked alongside me, you told me the truth when it was difficult, you rejoiced with me, you taught me, you made me laugh, you labored in prayer for me, you fellowshipped with me, you provided for me, you hoped with me, you adventured with me, you shared songs with me, you blessed me with your presence.

Every day with you is a gift.

=The Jobs=

My myriad of careers at the beginning of the year (my beloved cafe, a propane company, writing jobs) led me to my first desk job this summer for a mission organization. God is good and faithful to always provide in His timing.

=The Firsts and Lasts=

I bought my first car! We also experienced some of the last times of all getting ready for church together as sisters…such bittersweet but exciting seasons!

=The Events=

On the very last day of 2016, my friend Nicole was married! It was a magical day. My family closed out another year of Tapestry with a program (see Greek costumes). We also hosted our church’s seniors’ graduation party. The biggest event happened on August 5, 2017 when my sister married her best friend in our backyard. So many wonderful family and friends joined us! Family camp is always a highlight, and this year many baptisms made Sunday morning extra special. It was a joy to watch my brother share his testimony.


=The Words=

“People avoid holiness to pursue happiness not knowing that the two are one.” –Tony Reinke

God taught me more about His holiness this year — the heights of His splendor and depths of destruction that sin brings. His wisdom from above is “first pure, then peaceable.” I want to have a renewed passion for seeking His face, fearing Him and hating evil. It’s definitely a war in this dark culture. Sin cannot be fought passively because its lies are sweet but will lead you places you don’t want to go, putting barriers between us and God, and us and other people.

“Two wonders here that I confess: my worth and my unworthiness.” –Gettys

Our sins they are many but His mercy is more! The truth of the Gospel compels me to obey Him out of love and out of the joy of knowing Him more (and to make Him known to others).

His way is best. His design is perfect. His mercy is endless.

“I will cry to God Most High, to God who accomplishes all things for me.”

Psalm 57:2

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