All I Want for Christmas is You

I burst into the kitchen and sighed dramatically. “I’m onto a Christmas present idea, but I just don’t know if you all will like it!”

By now everyone in the family had heard my procrastinator’s woes. I don’t have Amazon prime. I want to get something creative, not on the wishlist. I am running out of time for online orders and stores are packed with shoppers.

“Abi, that’s how we ALL feel.”

My sister had a point. I relaxed. No one had expectations. They would be blessed by my effort to give.

Unlike anyone else shopping for me, God gives perfect gifts (James 1:17). However, I don’t always manage to like them because I DO have expectations. I want my life to look like hers. I want the season that seems to suit me best. It can make me uneasy if I don’t know when or if I’ll get a certain gift in my lifetime. It doesn’t always feel perfect.

Is the Giftgiver more cherished in my heart than the gift?

Because His presence is even more precious than His provision.  

What would be the point if I celebrate His gifts without Him? It’s ironic and impossible.

A friend reminded me our trust is in the God who CAN, not the God who MUST. When He gives and takes away, blessed be His name.

My family is an easy crowd. No one will throw a tantrum if I don’t purchase just the right present. Even more so, I want to receive from His hand and celebrate what He chooses to give to me in His fullness. No good thing does He withhold!

And abounding above all the riches of His inheritance is HIM — the Lamb, born in the stable, who is Immanuel — God With Us.

“Thanks be to God for His indescribable gift!”

2 Corinthians 9:15

Merry Christmas!

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